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    HostaCam offers webcam systems for your business or home...

With our IP Network Webcams, you can check your webcams securely through your website or our website at HostaCam.com.This allows you to view your webcams from almost any computer or cell phone with internet access.

Individual Webcams that connect to your current network.
An IP/Network Webcam is a stand alone webcam with a small web server built-in. These webcams utilize your current network allowing your webcam to connect to the internet without a computer, just a netowrk router.. (If you do not currently have a network installed at the location you want the webcam, you will need to purchase a network router from Hostacam.com or from your local computer store.) Hostacam IP webcams have a superior picture quality.
Click here for a LIVE Demo

Click here for IP/Network Webcam pricing

These IP/Network webcams work with our Online Camera Management system, allowing you complete control of your webcams through a web browser. Assign user names and passwords to your customers to allow your webcams to remain private. Click here for more info.

IP/Network Webcam Benefits:

  • Online Webcam Viewing
  • Remotely check your webcams from any computer or compatible cell phone.
  • Check Equipment
    • Be sure your equipment is functioning properly, position webcams on your gauges to be sure everything is OK.
  • Public webcam viewing using refresh rate of a minute or more with LIVE streaming
  • Ability to upload images to server for time lapse video creation.
  • Private & Secure Webcam Hosting.

Click here for IP Network Webcam pricing