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To help you better understand the playgroup's behavior, please keep the following in mind while you watch our webcams:

Dogs Sleep
           Do not be surprised if you catch your dog napping. Normally during the day at home while their owners are gone, dogs sleep. It is normal for them to want to take some naps at DogPhoria as well. Also, play comes in cycles. Sometimes the whole group will be playing, other times they may all be napping.

Dogs Get Time-Out
          We use time-out for a variety of reasons, not all of them bad. Maybe your dog is trying to nap but, the others want to play. Maybe a dog is feeling a little nervous and would prefer some alone time. And then, yes, when they get in trouble. It is not uncommon for a well-behaved dog to get at least one time out from time to time. So moms and dads, do not worry, it is normal. If your dog has a pattern of timeā€“outs for negative behaviors the staff will most certainly speak with you about the behaviors.

No, We Do not Encourage Romancing
          Even though all males over 8 months are neutered in our playgroups, our staff always discourages Humping Behavior. Dogs, (even females) do this as part of a play ritual or dominance. All part of the normal pack behavior. If you notice a little of this romancing, rest assure as soon as a staff member sees the action they will put a stop to it.

Staying with Humans - Standing at the Gate
          Even with all the dogs here for them to play with, many dogs are absolutely in love with our staff members. Some of them enjoy human company, as much as other canine company. This is why you will see the dogs standing at the gates, watching what the staff members outside of the playgroups are up to. Our Staff is Great and the dogs love them. Our Dogs are great and the Staff Loves them.